Play These Games on the List to Boost Your Various Skills

There were claims about how games affect various areas of one’s overall health since it is known that games, particularly video games, have inspired the minds of every player. It's seen to be a more enjoyable and easy way to boost brain skills and other related skills that can improve your daily lives when you play these games. At times, these games can also help to ease what you feel and reduce your stress once you have fun while killing some time or taking a few minutes off your busy day. This is a list of the most commonly played games that will boost various skills and make time to relax after spending a great deal of time with your daily lives.

1. Akinator

A cartoon genie in the game produced by Elokence, Akinator will ask you a range of questions that will figure out your potential character. Whenever you become bored or lazy and you're seeking a challenge, it is one good game to play. As your trusted genie, it will tell you just what you are thinking and you could feel some goosebumps after a few streaks of correct guesses. Knowing that there is somebody who can easily guess what’s in your thoughts is kind of amazing and it can be so much fun as you go on playing for more.

2. Bottle Flip 3D

If you would like some kind of real-life challenge, you can join millions of people around the globe and play the game of Bottle Flip 3D. Bottle flipping was a popular game because it is one of the favorite pastimes of many teenagers and young adults. For a broader and better experience, it can already be played in various devices, which makes it a lot more popular. It is a game that is not too complicated to play and it will help you kill a few momemts at any time of the day.

3. Starcraft

If you are into some hardcore gaming, strategy-based games like Starcraft can help to improve your cognitive skills like memory and reasoning when you plan, strategize, and manage resources. It is a science fiction real-time strategy-based game that involves different alien species fighting for dominance and each species has different fighting units and tactics of winning. To build and sustain their units while they develop brain flexibility given different circumstances, players are tasked to handle resources.

4. Overwatch

Multiplayer games, particularly first-person shooter games, can help develop hand-eye coordination. Players need to continuously assess, react, and decide in every moment according to various factors, including map layout, positioning, characters, abilities, enemy position, and much more with the intense action of Overwatch. The head of the player simultaneously considers these elements and coordinates these in his brain with the interpretation and reaction as exhibited by the movements of his hands and fingers.

5. Diablo Franchise

Players can pick among the numerous character classes, such as wizard, witch doctor, barbarian, or crusader, in order to defeat Diablo, the Lord of Terror in this action role-playing game. In order to achieve this, they must explore, acquire, and trade weapons, armor, and magic items as they battle hordes and demons. Players should consider these aspects as they also act, think, and decide fast. These games are often played as they can help to improve inductive reasoning skills while facing numerous situations.

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6. SimCity

SimCity is a little less intense game where players create a city and face the different challenges of urban planning. With this simulation game, the real world is being copied and it shows the players some real-world skills, including managing finite resources and making decisions that could result in complex consequences. Each action you are taking requires a good analysis to help make better decisions that can also affect your next step.

7. 2048

With this mobile puzzle game, logic and mathematical skills are employed so as to win where players swipe tiles with corresponding numbers around the board. As soon as two tiles have the same numbers and they're touching each other, they will merge into one tile with the sum of the two numbers. It is the aim of the game to swipe number tiles around the board until the player can create a single tile that has the number 2048 on it. Puzzle games like this enables the players to work out their brains while they discover patterns, solve intricate problems under time pressure, or think logically. Usually, the game has very simple rules and it does not take most of your time and skills but you need a good thinking brain to resolve each puzzle properly.

8. NBA Franchise

This year, the real-world league was postponed because of the pandemic but avid basketball fans can continue to enjoy their favorite game in a virtual setting. Sports games like the NBA2K20 enable the users to have a true-to-life league exposure to real-life graphics and ultra-realistic gameplay. These are generally fast-paced just like the real action games and require good hand-eye coordination to be able to score and win. One of the reasons why they are often preferred over action games is that they do not involve any form of violence but only the necessary skills, including quick thinking, fast analysis, and good decision-making.

9. Minecraft

Minecraft has become one of the extremely popular games these days, specifically with those who love to create and develop their very own world, and nobody can ever deny this fact. It's an open-world sandbox game that is set in a landscape where blocks are used to represent trees, grass, rocks, dirt, water, and so many other things that are randomly generated throughout the game. It is actually considered an action-adventure game as it requires quick reflexes and amazing problem-solving skills that involve thinking, both during violent and non-violent situations. Apart from this, it also entails experimentation, teamwork, and even creativity to create a world and perform various activities.

10. Animal Jam

Animal Jam won’t become an award-winning app for nothing if it's not beneficial to its users. The casual game takes you to the world of Jamaa where you become your favorite animal while you explore the wild and discover ways to protect the nature. This game is simply loved by kids where they have a safe playground to interact with other players from around the world.

11. Gacha Life

If you are ready to take on a new adventure, it’s time for you to play another casual game and begin dressing up your anime characters using various outfit, hairstyles, weapons, and much more. Show how creative you are and learn how to communicate with other users or create a scene to tell your unique story. Explore different areas and you'll discover different people and places as you play the game.

12. Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is a strategy game that will bring you to various places in different times, such as the ancient civilizations, medieval kingdom, and even the future. Make your own city and rule your empire as you experience history. Your territory should always be safe and peaceful when you have army or troops that can defend it from the ones that want to conquer it.

13. Tekken Franchise

Last but not the least, since it's a game that started all the video games that we get to enjoy nowadays, Tekken should also be part of the list. It's an arcade game that follows the events during the King of Iron Fist Tournament, which was hosted by Mishima Zaibatsu. There are numerous characters that players can choose to fight and win in the tournament so as to gain control of the company. To execute different attacks with varying effect on the opponent, several controls can be used. Every attack that must be done to decrease the enemy’s stamina faster while you retain yours and be victorious so it's essential to think fast and move quickly.

Each one of the several genres that were introduced over the years have so games that were developed and released to meet the demands of every player. Users have their own preferences but regardless of the game they play, they learn various skills and enhance each of them to prepare for their next battle or adventure. This list could go on but these are among the most popular games that you can play, especially on a bigger screen in order to have a better gaming experience.

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